Success doesn't just come and find you - you have to hit more balls.

Southern Cricket provide you with the equipment, the coaches and the nets you need to practice your skills. We want to see you succeed.

What we do...


A little bit about us...

Southern Cricket has 7 nets available for hire. In peak season we can expand to 9 nets. You can hire nets alone, or hire a net with either the Probatter or Merlyn pitching machines. You can book our nets using our easy Online Booking System.

Southern Cricket has a select group of qualified and passionate coaches whom offer a more efficient, fitter, and mentally tougher athlete. Our coaches are also focused on the education of both athletes and parents about the fundamental, technical and psychological aspects of their sport.

Added skills of our coaches include specialist bowling training, opportunities for talent identification creating a fast track path into elite coaching and the identification of potentially harmful techniques to increase the likelihood of a longer, injury free career.

Our overall aim is to combine our coaching skills and facilities to help all members achieve a more enjoyment and success in their sport.

Southern Cricket is situated within ‘The Rec’, Leeming (located conveniently just off the freeway on Farrington Road). This state of the art training facility is focused on directly helping all cricketers develop their technique, improve their fitness and mentally prepare for the coming season.

Facilities for use at the academy include:
1. ProBatter bowling simulator, the worlds most advanced technology for cricket.
2. Merlyn the bowling machine specifically designed and made for spin bowling.
3. 3 x Jugs bowling machines
4. PV One Bowling and Batting analyser
5. Video analysis
6. Cricket Shop